The Advantages of the Clean Box

The fully autonomous clean box integrates perfectly into an adopted bathroom or facility with unique features that offer increased autonomy and dignity. The machine has an user friendly interface, making it easy for everyone, including elderly and disabled users. The Clean Box washing cycles and built in air drying system allows the user to save several hours bathing compared to traditional shower or bath.

Complete Body Wash in less than 5 minutes

Clean Box completely sanitizes your body in less than 5 minutes! Our patented PLC robotic system allows for a complete body wash with bristle scrubbers, pressurized water, soap, and scented drying that makes taking a bath easy and quick while never lifting a muscle.

Increased Safety 

Clean Box is adjustable to any bed height and meets North American and ADA accessibility standards. There is no physical labor or threshold giving little to no need for nursing assistance. Its unique design allows for a safer bathing experience by allowing one to bathe in a horizontal position and never standing up right. The Clean Box has a built-in drying system eliminating the hazardous wet floors preventing risk of slips and falls. 

Comfort and Total Relaxation 

The optional features for Clean Box will allow you to enjoy an exceptional, therapeutic, and relaxing bathing experience. The Features included massage jets, automated bristle scrubbers, custom thermostat for water temperature, chromotherapy, and scented dry giving you a spa treatment

Unique features for an unparallel experience

The unique features of the Clean Box have been developed to provide a optimal relaxing experience while keeping human sanitation needs. The features consist of a touch screen interface that allows users to customize their cleaning experience, advanced water jet technology, powerful air dryer with built in aromatherapy that quickly and effectively dries the user after cleaning, chromotherapy, comfortable bristle padding for the body scrub, advanced sterilization technology that ensures the machine is thoroughly disinfected after each use, and a compact design that takes up minimal space in a home or a healthcare facility.

An Experience of a customized autonomous bath

Clean Box has been designed for users to experience a luxurious fully autonomous bath. You will be able to operate Clean Box custom features using the Clean Box app via phone, tablet, or by touchscreen panel located on the Clean box.  The customize features give you the choice of alternate wash cycles, desired water temperature, water pressure, sterilization, chromotherapy, music, and aromatherapy with scented dry. 

Alternate Wash Cycles

The three wash cycles allow the user to choose desired wash cycle quick wash, normal, and heavy duty. The different cycles are unique by giving consumers a choice of desired water temperature, water pressure, and scented dry depending on their soil level and time they have dedicated towards cleaning.

  • Quick Wash 4 min
  • Standard Wash 8 minutes
  • Royalty Wash 14 minutes

What makes Clean Box Different

What makes Clean Box different from competitors is it is one of a kind! The fully autonomous luxurious human sanitation machine offers a superior and more personalized cleaning experience compared to traditional bathing. It is equipped with advanced technology, it’s comfortable and relaxing, hygienic, energy-efficient, user-friendly, and timesaving. Clean Box aims to offer products designed to make a positive difference in people’s lives. The solutions it develops, promote autonomy and dignity while offering its users peace of mind, safety, time, and comfort at all times.

The design of Clean Box reduces the risk of accidents. The bed height allows for an easier and safer bathtub transfer. The stable and sturdy design ensure users can safely enter and exit the Clean Box. It also has no locking system and is equipped with emergency stop buttons to ensure safety. All the hardware and electrical wiring is located in the lower panel away from the water insuring the safety of the user. You no longer have to worry about a wet floor getting out the bathtub or shower the built in dryer ensures user dryness once you exit the Clean Box. With Clean Box, you can enjoy a luxurious spa-like experience while ensuring your safety and hygiene.

The Clean Box features are accessible by easy-to-use electronic touch screen control panel or via phone and table using the Clean Box app. The patent PLC control system command functions allow the clean box to go through a series of functions chronologically. The PLC system allows the water jets to spray the body, bristle scrubbers to rub the body, and aromatherapy dryer to dry the body along with several other features to promote a luxury spa experience.

 The Clean Box is unrivalled in comfort and easy install. It is designed to be easily Integrated in any bathroom or facility with a 24V power supply, water supply line and drainage line.

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